Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I decided that I want to post my dreams (or nightmares) on this very blog.I do that because I have a slight impression that some of my dreams might come true soon or later. I want to prove to myself the so called deja-vu.
Any of you who wish to share your dreams with me and the rest of the world is more than welcome to do so.Also, if any of you have any clue of what the dreams mean might as well contribute

Last night I watched myself giving birth to a baby. The procedure was quite quick and that's why I had no time to go to the hospital and gave birth to my own home. My sister was helping me out with the labour but in all of a sudden a ceasarian cut was made on me. I felt no pain and saw some blood.
I didn't know the sex of the baby until that time. However they informed me it was a boy! I felt like I loved that boy