Monday, October 23, 2006

London or Athens?

Time flies and unfortunately I'm still here.Waiting for a progress.Waiting for THE miracle.Actually I'm just waiting for one fucking phone call (not from my boyfriend, you silly).Is anybody out there? Sometimes I wonder whether I'm doing the correct thing or not. Or even if I'm in the right place at the right time.But you can't answer that I bet. Should I wait a little bit longer?Should I stay or should I go?.London is brilliant, but maybe not suitable for me.For Miss Vyza. It's not the weather,though. This year is supposed to be optimistic in terms of finding a job. BUT here we are in the same old chair,searching and looking for hundrend production,post-production,film, companies. Why is it that difficult,God?
-Don't blame God, Valisia. You are the train driver.
-Am I?
Because as far as I know, I would rather get a job than sitting on my ass and just feeling unproductive at the most energetic stage of my life. When everybody in my age have already chosen their path and I'm nothing. Nobody(apart from my family and a couple of friends) cares about me. Nobody is gonna find me a job.
I have to go. Just for a change! Maybe Athens would be the ideal place. Look, I haven't even tried there. It's supposed to be a capital, which might result in more opportunities. I have to risk it. I have to take some sort of action.
I'll keep you posted.

Friday, October 20, 2006


Once upon a time, there were so many interesting and essential jobs like hostlers, draymen, stable keepers, dressmakers, blacksmiths, telegraph operators, woodchoppers, turpentine farmers, bootblacks even corset makers. The truth of the matter is that people were actually happy doing them. Life, then, didn't set people under pressure; it made them safe and without any stress.
I walked down the Canary Wharf the other day and what I saw were businessmen (and women) running into their offices or underground. I stepped back.I watched them. I felt FREE. But what is freedom and what is free time? No relation whatsoever.
I felt free not because I'm unemployed during the last year, but because I have the ability to choose. I choose where to send my job application. I choose my friends. I choose where I belong. I choose my free time.
That brings me to say I have NO free time at the moment. Although you may think I have got plenty of this powerful man-invented notion, but unfortunately I'm busy. I'm "sleeping" at the moment. It takes a while!
I promise, though, I'll be back!